Ready to be massively blessed by a whole new lifestyle with a community that's ready to take you under their wings? Follow these easy instructions below. But first, we need to know who introduced you to Young Living. If you've been talking to me... Carrie Lobenhofer about oils and I introduced you and or have been educating you about Young Living please use my referral link ➡HERE. The person's link or member number you use will be the person that gets credit for your membership. They will also be the person who will help and support you on your new healthy lifestyle. My member number is #2166582.
Looking for one of our other Team Member's referral numbers/links? Go HERE to find their link and click on it so they get credit and can help support you along with me. 

Step 1: Choose Your Starter Kit (Required for membership). 
Choose the Starter Kit of your choice that best suits you. PSK with —OILS • CBD • THIEVES • NINGXIA RED. The Premium Starter Bundle with Oils and the Dew Drop or the Desert Mist Diffuser for $165 plus tax & shipping, offers the most value and is a BETTER option.

Step 2: You can enroll in our Essential Rewards (ER) program with your Starter Kit.
This is OPTIONAL but highly recommended because it is THE BEST way to get started.

If you'd like to enroll and get more FREE product at this time CLICK 'YES'.

To start you off on the right foot with Young Living, enrolling members can now use their Premium Starter Kit (PSK) purchase as their first ER order. With Essential Rewards (ER) you'll earn a percentage (10-25%) of the total PV back in points on your ER purchases with access to exclusive money saving ER Kits and products available to ER members ONLY!

When you purchase your Premium Starter Kit (100PV) and join ER at the time of enrollment you'll earn the current months FREE 100PV ER Bonus Promo item (as well as any enrollment bonus products that Young Living may be offering) and you'll also earn 10% back in points. That's like getting $10 cash to spend on more AMAZING products next month! You can cancel your enrollment at anytime even the following month before your order processes. Committing to 50PV each month isn't that hard to do and you can cancel at any time. With ER you get to swap out products in your home that may not be so healthy for ones that are. We call it transfer buying. All the things you bought from the grocery store, big box stores and online you can get from Young Living! There are so many products to choose from... makeup, amazing skincare, toothpaste/mouthwash, laundry soap, cleaners, personal care like shampoo + deodorant, emotional care, pet care, kids care, baby care, replacement oils, & so much more! And it's all healthy + safe.


Learn more about the Essential Rewards (ER) program HERECLICK 'YES' to use your PSK as your first ER order and get the free promo item and 10 points!

2020 PSKS.png
To add any additional products to your order you may do so in Step 4.

If you choose not to join ER right now click 'NO' and skip to Step 4 to add additional product or Step 5 to continue with enrollment.

Now let's set up your monthly order if you enrolled in ER
CLICK 'Customize Your Monthly Order' button. Your next month's ER order will be set to process on this same date next month which you can change at a later date. In the next screen select a minimum of 50PV worth of product and click 'SAVE MY MONTHLY ORDER'. Set a reminder at a later date but before it processes to check on your ER order or to change it.

Step 4: Add Additional Products (Optional)
To add additional products to your enrollment order, CLICK “Add More Products.” Add the desired products then, click “CHECKOUT”. Then click "NEXT" to Continue Enrollment. If there are no additional products to add skip to Step 5 and continue enrollment.

Step 5: Membership Information & Sign-in Information
Enter your personal information and account details including a current phone number and email that you check regularly so we can get in touch with you to help support you. This support is necessary so you can get the most use out of your membership and connect with others! Make sure to jot down your 'Sign-In Information' so you can log in later for educational resources, ordering info and to make future purchases. [Young Living does not save this info]

Step 6: Sponsor/Enroller

If you use a referral link to start the enrollment process the Sponsor & Enroller fields should already be pre-populated with the Member ID number of the person who referred you. If you do not have a referral link CLICK on the circle next to 'I was referred by a member and have their ID numbers'. If you came across this website and do not have a referral link or ID number I would love to help you! My member number is 2166582Type in the ID number of who referred you in BOTH the Sponsor & Enroller fields.

Step 7Commission Processing Information
If you start sharing Young Living right away you can help get your Starter Kit paid for —possibly more. If you choose to share at all in the future we recommend clicking the second option; "Individual With social security number" and enter your SS number in the field. You can get $50 for every person that also grabs a Premium Starter Kit using your referral number as long as you have made a 50PV purchase that same month! If not choose from the other 2 options that apply to you.

CHECK the box ✔ and agree to the terms of the Young Living agreement.


Step 9: Shipping
Select your shipping address. If shipping address is different from billing address enter your shipping address now. Choose the Shipping Method that best suits you. The cheapest option (Smartpost) will take the longest. You may also choose to round up your order(s) to support any one of The Young Living Foundation's missions. There are some great projects like Hope For Justice!

Step 10: Final Step –Payment.

Fill out your Billing Information. If you’re ready to check out click, 'Next' to complete your order on the next page. Review your Enrollment Summary & Order Summary, if everything is correct click 'Activate and Place Order' to finalize your membership and purchase! You're done! Click 'My Account' & write down your Member ID#.

Congratulations, you are now a Young Living Member! Someone will be contacting you soon to welcome you into our Oily Community😊