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Make clean living your business

There’s never been a better time than now to take your future into your own hands. No matter your goal, we want you to know that it is possible! When you become a Customer with Young Living you also have the opportunity to partner with Young Living as a Brand Partner and earn an income (big or small) by sharing the clean lifestyle with others.

Sharing healthy products with others, is super easy. We share products we love with our family and friends all the time right? We just don’t get compensated for it. We're constantly recommending restaurants we like, brands of food we buy, and products we love.


Young Living uses an amazing referral based business model where you get compensated for sharing your love of these amazing oils + healthy products when others use your referral link to enroll as a Customer with their very own account. You don’t keep any inventory either. Products are shipped right to their door! You don’t sell, you share. You're helping others get hooked up with the best wellness products. Then, you help guide and support them as you learn and grow together and you get compensated for it! It's such a blessing too when you get to help people you know and love live a healthier lifestyle.

Image by Matthew Henry

Sharing is easy too!


You can meet with friends & family 1-on-1, hold weekly/monthly classes big or small - in person or online (many of us host classes in our own homes or our friends homes), you can do it all on line or all off line. It's your business so you get to do what works for you!


You don't have to know it all either! You'll have the entire Young Living family by your side to guide you and encourage you, every step of the way. We have an awesome community to help you grow & learn! Many of us had no intentions of starting a business initially. We just naturally found ourselves sharing our amazing experiences, love of the products and the things we were learning with our family and friends AND they wanted in on it too! If you could you use some extra cash, have debt to pay off, or if you or your spouse want to quit your 9-5 job; it's' so possible with Young Living's opportunity. Work as much or as little as you want, It’s all up to you!

Imagine a career that becomes a community, where wellness is a way of life and doing what you love leads naturally to success. For Young Living members, a dream job offering security and independence can become a reality and has for many of us and there is room at the table for more!




Think about it. Whose life could you change? Whose health and wellness could you impact?

Image by Hillary Ungson

How do you become a Brand Partner?  

If you're not a Young Living Customer yet just purchase The Business Essentials Kit (Item #35191 //  $1.00 // 0 PV). That's it! You don't have to buy any product although we highly recommend it so you can share your experiences with them. People want to know that you use the products you are selling. 

1. Set up a YL account by placing a One-Time purchase of 100PV or more and add The Business Essentials Kit ($1.00, 0 PV) to your cart.

2. Sign + submit the agreement during checkout.

3. Start sharing. Check out your Virtual Office to find resources to help you get started.

Make sure to use the referral link of the person helping you. Need a referral? You can use mine to join our Brand Partner mentorship by clicking the button below. Then, send me a message or email so I can get you added to our Business Mentorship Facebook Group!


What comes in The Business Essentials Kit?

Here's what's included in the Kit:

RISE booklet—a step-by-step guide with tips, training videos, and worksheets

RISE 90-day planner—a planning calendar for setting and tracking business goals

RISE to Royal brochure—a guide through the perks that await you at every rank within YL

YL Insights card—a snapshot of how the free YL Insights App can help you manage your business

Silver Bound flyer—a road map for structuring your team for success


With the Business Essentials Kit, brand partners will be able to:

* Brainstorm income-producing activities that work for them

* Plan a daily schedule and to-do list that will help them meet their goals

* Build their community of essential oil enthusiasts

* Craft—and share—their Young Living story

* Create a solid foundation for a successful business * Live their best YL life


Also included with the kit is a free 90-day trial to MyYL—an essential tool for creating a custom site, promoting events, and sharing YL with others - learn more here (


Already a Young Living Customer?

You'll need to upgrade your account to Brand Partner status. 

1. Log into your Young Living account + purchase The Business Essentials Kit ( Item #35191 //  $1.00 // 0 PV).

2. Sign + submit the agreement during checkout.

3. Start sharing and make sure to check out your Virtual Office to find resources to help you get started. 


If you're one of my Customers, send me a message or email after you've upgraded so I can get you added to our Business Mentorship Facebook Group + exclusive team website to get you hooked up with all the resources that will set you up for sucess!

Ready to start your wellness journey and gain freedom in your health & finances?

We'd love to have you be a part of our community & mentor you. If you want more info, we'd love to share more with you about this. Feel free to contact me, Carrie Lobenhofer and schedule a time to chat! Scroll down and click the contact button to get in touch. We can't wait to hear from you!

Be Oily, Be Blessed, Be Well
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