Ready to Get Oiling?! There are a few options... 

The first option is by becoming a Retail Customer. Honestly, it's a GOOD option to get you started but NOT many people choose this option because it's just not the BEST way. [You'll need the
 member number or referral link of the friend that shared Young Living with you].

What does it mean to be a Retail Customer?

  • Retail customers pay full retail price and shipping for all Young Living products. They can purchase 1 thing or many things specific to their needs.

  • Retail customers do not need to purchase a Starter Kit —they actually DON'T have access to purchasing Starter Kits as a Retail customer.

  • Retail customers may purchase oils and products at their convenience. 

  • Retail customers may not take advantage of the Young Living compensation plan or the Essential Rewards program.

  • Retail customers DO NOT have access to our private Oily Community with tons of resources for learning about oils, giveaways, incentives and classes.

  • To sign up and purchase as a Retail Customer, you just check the Retail option on the sign up page and enter the referral number of the person who shared Young Living with you (if they didn't give you a direct link) and then shop the product catalog entering the items you want and then check out via the shopping cart.

  • If you do enroll as a Retail Customer and later want a Wholesale account you can call Young Living Member Services at 1-800-371-3515 and have them switch your account over to a wholesale account with a Premium Starter Kit purchase using the member number of the friend who referred you (see our Team Members Page for referral numbers of our members).


The next option is by grabbing a Premium Starter Kit and becoming a Wholesale Member! This is a BETTER option than becoming just a Retail Customer. Most people choose to this option because it's an incredible way to save on a ton of amazing products at more than 60% OFF retail pricing.

You can even go one step further and join the Essential Reward program with your Premium Starter Kit for THE BEST way to get started. You'll get a free promotional item (the 100 PV ER BONUS) in addition to your Starter Kit which will help you to implement a healthier lifestyle. Each month you can order something new —from your own account— to switch out something you'd have normally bought elsewhere.

What does getting a Premium Starter Kit entail?
When you grab a Premium Starter Kit using the member number or referral link of the friend that referred you to Young Living (see our Team Members Page), you'll become a Young Living Wholesale Member! It's like getting a Sam's Club, Costco or Amazon Prime membership only BETTER because your Kit... IS your Membership!


With a Premium Starter Kit, you get 12 AMAZING oils (plus more) to keep and use with tons of added PERKS! You can buy what you want when you want directly from Young Living at wholesale pricing (24% OFF retail everyday). You don't sell or stock anything. You'll have access to tons of resources from our private Community (mainly on Facebook) with the opportunity to learn more about essential oils, supplements, supporting your body... as well as health & wellness in general!

No obligation really means . . . No Obligation!

To keep your Young Living account active which gives you access to our Communities and all that Young Living has to provide, just ONE 50PV purchase (roughly $50) per calendar YEAR is all that is required. So say you purchased your Kit in July 1, 2019 —you wouldn't have to order anything again until July 1, 2020 and that's ONLY if you choose to keep your membership active. You could essentially just buy a Premium Starter Kit and nothing else BUT once you try Young Living products and meet our wonderful supportive community you're gonna fall in love and want to stay! Maybe you'll even want to share your oily love with others too!

Young Living


What are the Perks of a Young Living Wholesale Membership? 

• 24% off RETAIL PRICES everyday! Save even more with exclusive specials and promotions every month which can be found HERE. (Retail Customers pay full price and cannot purchase discounted Starters Kits or participate in any YL programs and get NO PERKS.
• Enjoy Reduced shipping rates on products delivered to your door directly from the Young Living Warehouse. 

Eligibility to participate in Young Living's optional monthly rewards program called Essential Rewards as well as their YL GO flat rate shipping program! With Essential Rewards you can earn free products, enjoy discounted shipping, freebies and more. With a monthly minimum 50PV purchase requirement you can get the products you need and want delivered once a month right to your doorstep! Earn as much as 25% back in points that work like cash. You'll also receive loyalty gifts the longer you stay on the program! It's an easy and affordable way to earn healthy products for FREE!

• Exclusive Experiences: Participate in Young Living's unique events and experience their unique Seed to Seal® process firsthand at any of our farms. An unbelievable experience!

• Opportunity: You'll be eligible to participate in Young Living's generous compensation plan where the sky is the limit! You can simply get your monthly orders paid for OR, you can go BIG and earn a substantial income that will allow your family to pour into ministries and bless other families. Many members are SAHM who now have a fulfilling career helping others discover greater wellness and freedom. Some have even been able to retire their husbands! Since I mentioned money, see our income disclosure HERE. Learn more about YL's opportunity HERE.

Community & Education: When you purchase your Premium Starter Kit through a team member of Carried Away Naturally you'll also become a member of our much larger extended group, the Oily Community. The Oily Community is an exclusive oily tribe. A clan. A family. A close-knit community of support to help you learn & grow. You'll have access to educational classes, info & newsletters exclusive to our team, as well as our EXCLUSIVE private Oily Community Facebook page run by our Diamond Crystal Hoskins which offers all sorts of educational resources! It's where all the action happens. You'll have access to local in-person classes & meetings, online classes & meetings as well as occasional events in the Milwaukee Metro area. We'll help guide and support you on your wellness journey!

Young Living also provides ongoing health education opportunities through conventions, seminars, newsletters and more to keep you informed and assist you in your wellness progress. In addition to your Sponsor (the person who signed you up) and your Leaders, the entire Young Living family is ready to help and encourage you. We are Team Young Living! 

What Essential Oils come in our most popular Premium Starter Kit?

The Premium Starter Kit with Everyday Oil Collection (12 oils) & Diffuser is our most popular Starter Kit. It's the ultimate Young Living product and business experience! An EXTREME VALUE for just $165 plus tax and shipping (choose either the Dewdrop or the Desert Mist Diffuser)The retail value is over $400+, SAVING YOU over 60% off retail! You'll save even more by making hundreds of DIY products with this one Kit!

For $45 more you can choose the Rainstone diffuser made with a rare purple Chinese clay or for $100 more you can choose the Aria, the Cadillac of diffusers made with a Maple wood base & glass. The Desert Mist is hands down my favorite diffuser! Any of these Starter Kits will help you to fully experience the life changing benefits that Young Living has to offer.

Desert Mist




We aslo have 3 other Premium Starter Kits options that are highly discounted too.
The Premium Starter Kit with CBD, Thieves, or NingXia Red... if oils aren't your thing yet.

So now that you know all the options for getting started... YOU DECIDE which is RIGHT for YOU!
We will be waiting and can't wait to help you out when you make that decision.

Find step by step directions on how to
 grab your Starter Kit with our team HERE  or click the button below!

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Carrie Lobenhofer 
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