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Welcome, Let's Unbox your Premium Starter Kit!

Have you received your Premium Starter Kit recently? Maybe you set it aside to go through later & you still need to unbox it. Well get that box out and rip it open!!! What are you waiting for?!!

Health and wellness is waiting for you, you'll wish you had opened it sooner ;) I have put together some resources below for you to get started. Watch this video below and then open that box, and enjoy your oils!

Find more videos from Young Living's Training & Education Team as well as tools below to help you get started using your essential oils and living a healthy lifestyle! Getting Started With Essential Oils (Digital Booklet)

Thieves Household Cleaner Sample: You may have received a sample of this. If you did the sample contains 1 oz. or 2 capfuls of THHC and can be used for so many things. Check it out on the YL BLOG. How to dilute Thieves Household Cleaner Every Premium Starter Kit comes with a wonderful diffuser. Click on the Video BELOW ⬇⬇⬇ for the diffuser that you received.

Desert Mist Diffuser Dewdrop Diffuser Aria Diffuser Rainstone Diffuser Trouble Shooting Your Diffuser Make sure to refer to your Operators Manual or call Young Living Member Services with any questions 1-800--371-3515

Think Inside the Box - 21 Days with your Starter Kit

Download PDF and print here:

The Oil Posse provided some great resources with this fantastic flyer, 55 uses for the Premium Oil Collection. This flyer is great to have as a reference or for sharing your oils with friends.

NEVER BEEN TO AN ESSENTIAL OIL CLASS? Click theEssential Oil 101 Page to learn more & watch the Introduction to Essential Oils Slideshow!

NEED MORE RESOURCES OR SUPPLIES? Find glass spray bottle, roller bottles, jars, etc. @Life Science Publishing, and Abundant Health, which have a ton of oil related products and oily books to help you on your oily journey. Having a reference guide is a valuable tool to help you make the most of your investment. HAVE OILY QUESTIONS? If you're part of our Oily Community, Team Carried Away Naturally Just Ask! We're here to help you discover the health & wellness you deserve!

NOT PART OF OUR COMMUNITY YET? To join our community and become a Young Living member with access to Wholesale pricing (24% off Retail) everyday, support as well education from our team and MORE... go HERE or Contact US! Be Oily, Be Blessed, Be Well

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