So you've found some Young Living products you'd like to purchase BUT... you're not quite ready to commit to a Wholesale Membership? No worries! We still have a great option for you.

You can purchase Young Living products as a Retail Customer. Since Young Living is a referral-based business you get to help support a friend or family member's business when you do too! So if you know someone who is trying to help their family make some money with a Young Living side hustle or business make sure to ask them for their referral number or link so they get credit for your purchase and for helping to get you connected otherwise you just randomly gey placed under someone.

What does it mean to be a Retail Customer?

  • Retail customers do not need to purchase a Starter Kit —they actually DON'T have access to purchasing Starter Kits as a Retail customer.

  • Retail customers may purchase essential oils and all natural oil infused products at their convenience.

  • Retail customers may not take advantage of the Young Living compensation plan or the money saving Essential Rewards program.

  • Retail customers DO NOT have access to our private Oily Community with tons of resources for learning about oils and wellness, may not participate in our community giveaways, incentives and or private classes.

  • To sign up and purchase as a Retail Customer, follow the easy directions below.

  • If you do enroll as a Retail Customer and later want to switch to a Wholesale account you can call Young Living Member Services at 1-800-371-3515 and purchase a Starter Kit using the member number of the friend who referred you (mine is 2166582 or go to our Team Members Page for the referral number of one of our members).

  • Retail customers pay full retail price and shipping for all Young Living products. They may purchase 1 thing or many things specific to their needs.

*NOTE: Purchasing Young Living products through 3rd party sellers like AMAZON, EBAY, ETC. is actually against Young Living's policy. It's best to order products through an active Young Living distributor. Your products will be shipped directly to you from the Young Living warehouses so that if anything happens Young Living can help you with any issues that could rise like leakage, breakage, damage, tampering or any incorrect products ETC. When you buy through a Young Living distributor the company backs the products and you are supporting a small business —so it's a win win.

If you're a tiny bit curious about what a Wholesale Membership entails besides the amazing 24% off discount available everyday feel free to click <<HERE>>. If not, no worries. I just want to make sure you know all your options.

OK, let's move onto how you can order as a Retail Customer....

All you need to do to get started setting up a Retail account is click on my referral link below and it will take you directly to the Young Living website.

Click this link here...

You should see the “BECOME A MEMBER” screen

You will see a “GET STARTED” button and a spot just below that says “NO THANKS!”.

(The “GET STARTED” button is for Wholesale Membership. You will see a bunch of the Starter kits shown further down on this page too for becoming a Wholesale Member.)

Instead of clicking on “GET STARTED” click on “NO THANKS!” to continue as a Retail Customer.

The next screen it takes you to is the "SHOP" page. Click on the little magnifying glass near the top of the left side of the page if you’re on a mobile device to open the search bar... the search bar should be near the top of the screen just below the Young Living logo where you can search for the products you want. If you want to see a visual before shopping online you can view the most up-to-date virtual product catalog < < HERE > >

Say you wanted Thieves Household cleaner. Type that into the search bar where I have circled in the pic.

Click on the product you want when it pops up in the drop down menu. This will allow you to view the full details of that product and to you will be able to add it to your cart.

When you're on a product page it will show you all the product info as well as the RETAIL price and the WHOLESALE price. There may be a link near the picture of the product you can click on to download or view a PDF with more info. As you scroll beyond the pricing you will also see the Product Snapshot with features and benefits, ingredients, Suggested Uses, Get to Know and any Related Content having to do with each product.

FYI: In case you’re not aware... there are two different sizes available for some products. For example, the Thieves Household Cleaner comes in a 14.4oz. bottle which is what most people buy and it also comes in a Gallon size too.

Choose which one you want by clicking on the size. The size that is shaded gray is the option you have clicked on and chose. Select the quantity you want by clicking on the plus or minus symbols to either side of the number. Click the plus sign to add more or click the minus sign to deduct quantities. Then, click "ADD TO CART".

If you’d like to add any other products to your cart click "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button below each product and search for the products you want. When you’ve finished selecting the products you want and you're ready to checkout.... you'll see a green button that says "BECOME A MEMBER AND SAVE! >>" , the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button and the “CHECKOUT” button. If you still would like to complete your order as a Retail Customer then click on “CHECKOUT”.

The next screen will show you your order summary before taxes and shipping. It will also ask you to set up your Retail account now.

SET UP YOUR RETAIL ACCOUNT STEP 1. Enter your "Email Address", whether you'd like to receive Email Communication from me and or Young Living... check the box if you do. (We have specials quite often that Retail Accounts can take advantage of) and to choose a USERNAME you will remember.

Then choose a PASSWORD you will remember. Make sure you write both the username and password down and keep it somewhere you can easily access it for future reference. You will need this info again to order any products you may want in the future. Young Living does not store this info. ONLY you will know it unless you share it with me or someone else to help you!

Then click “CONTINUE” and fill out steps 2 - 5.

STEPS 2 - 5. 2. Shipping (Choosing GROUND shipping is recommended especially if you want it faster rather than later. Please note shipping may take a bit longer depending on any extenuating circumstances where there is a great demand for our Thieves and any other wellness products.)

3. Payment

4. Referring member (My referral link is 2166582 to enter into the required fields in case it does not pre-populate using my referral link.)

5. Review and Place Order.

CONGRATULATIONS! You should be all set then and on your way to making healthy changes in your home with Young Living!

Please let me know how your experience was and if you had any troubles. I thank you for your support 😊

God Bless and be well🙏🏻

Carrie Lobenhofer

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