Are the Products You're Buying Harming You?

Everyday we apply hundreds of chemicals to our bodies, including our babies!
Did you know that many of those chemicals are actually harming us?!


Watch this video, The Story of Cosmetics which examines the physical effect the use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipstick to baby shampoo has on us. It reveals the implications for consumer and worker health and the environment, and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives.

Pretty startling huh? 

Download the Think Dirty App HERE, or go to EWG (Environmental Working Group) to check the if products in your home contain any chemicals that are harmful to your health.

I am so thankful to have found a company that has already taken great measures to ensure EVERY product they sell to Members is FREE from all synthetic chemicals that are harmful to me, my family & my pets!

Check out the Young Living Product Guide below which has something for everyone. Essential Oils (make DIY products, use topically & inhale, or diffuse instead of using candles, sprays & plug-ins), Makeup, Personal Care Products, Baby & Kids Care, Pet Care, Weight Management, Household Cleaners, Immune Support, Massage Oils, Oil infused Supplements, Skin Care, etc........Products for total health and wellness!


Get started "Ditching & Switching" out the toxic synthetic chemicals in your home for Young Living products HERE.

 Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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