FAST FREE SHIPPING📦?? YES please i’m in🙋🏼‍♀️!

Today Young Living is rolling out NOT one, BUT ✌🏻 brand new shipping programs to help you SAVE BIG 💵!
It’s like AMAZON PRIME ONLY BETTER cause you get OILS♥️

Here are all the DETAILS:


12 ER shipments + 1 bonus shipment = 13 months of free ER shipping*
(your subscription won’t renew for 13 months) for the launch price of ONLY $59.99 (Reg. $79) + tax.

📦13 shipments a year for FREE!*

✔️Discounts on standard shipping rates!

✔️Prioritized Processing within 24 hours!

✔️Get orders in 2-4 days after processing! 


That comes out to be about $4.62 per order of ANY size or less EVEN for a case of NingXia Red That’s a HUGE savings when you consider most ER orders are at least $6.99 Standard Mail or as much as $10-15+ with NingXia Red & it can take anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks or more to get! That’s a savings of AT LEAST $30.88 per year & you’ll save even more if you typically used other S&H options like Ground (at least $8.99 per order).

* 13 orders for the first years of subscription only. 12 ER orders all future years. $59.00 + tax a year!



Receive up to 36 shipments a year for the launch price of ONLY $129 (Reg. $149) + tax a year!


📦12 Essential Reward shipments a year for FREE!

📦24 Flex Credits that can be used on Quick Orders (and to redeem ER Points) for FREE!

✔️Receive even better discounts on standard shipping rates!

✔️Prioritized Processing within 24 hours!

✔️Get orders in 2-4 days after processing!

✔️Upgrade to Overnight shipping for $10 per order!

YLGO+ is great too because if you EVER forget to put something on your Monthly ER order OR need a quick gift for a friend, a YL Member for ranking up, or for a trip then this program will be a life saver, it’s SO worth it!!! YLGO+ is the 💣💥.COM!!!


When you do the math both YLGO Programs are a phenomenal savings🙌🏻 and if you're already on Essential Rewards it’s a no brainer🧠 These subscriptions could save you over $122.64 -more than 10 times the amount you are currently paying each year! See the Chart below to see the differences between the two programs and to determine what which one is right for you?


GO➡️to this YL YouTube Video to learn more about the program.  

GO➡️to the YLGO Program web page to enroll and save BIG 💲money!

YL Terms & Conditions

Join our community of oilers and LIVE THE LIFE YOU IMAGINED! Grab your kit  HERE to get started!

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