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Hello and welcome!
My name is Carrie. I've been married to my husband for 25 years now. We live in the Midwest and have 4 amazing children together ages 9 to 22 years old! We've home schooled some of our children (14 years total) and then decided private school was a better fit for our youngest 2 a few years ago. BEST decision for our family! School, sports, church groups + various other ministries and activities keep us all very busy. I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life and especially for Young Living! 

What's my Young Living Story?
About 16 years ago while my husband was studying to become a personal trainer we both began to research nutrition. We learned how what we eat can affects our health as well as our children's health for 3 generations! We learned a lot about how our western diet wreaks havoc on our bodies. During this time we became much more conscious of the chemicals + ingredients we were putting into our bodies too. We overhauled our diet and began to live a more clean + healthy lifestyle. We started eliminating highly processed foods and buying more organic. It was a process for sure and we're still learning as we go but we have never regretted this lifestyle change. 

This lifestyle change led to us seeking alternative methods to support our health + wellness naturally. If we were going to be putting good things into our bodies shouldn't we be putting good stuff ON our bodies too?! All my life I've been super sensitive to synthetic smells and ingredients that often lead to break outs and funky rashes. I suffered with horrible eczema and migraines since childhood. I was at the point of desperation. Then, I started to learn about essential oils which seemed like a great solution! We could make our own DIY products to save money and cut out harmful synthetic ingredients causing damage to our bodies at the same time.

Why Young Living?
After trying cheap health store essential oils (I learned later they aren't always free from harmful synthetics) which didn't give me effective results, I started to research the different essential oil companies. I discovered that really good high quality essential oils like Young Living's were much more potent and they could do so much more for our bodies! Just one tiny drop of Young Living essential oil has 40 million trillion molecules. These molecules are so small, that they can enter your body through the skin and go EVERYWHERE in your body within minutes.


I am a researcher by nature. So, after about 5 months of researching essential oils, I knew that Young Living essential oils were the right choice for me & my family. It just so happened that a trusted friend of mine was having an online Facebook class and I was able to learn even more about Young Living and their mission of wellness, purpose, & abundance. They help so many people around the world through their many philanthropic efforts.

This company was right up my alley! I got my Young Living Premium Starter Kit that night and since joining in the Fall of 2014, I've witnessed how these amazing drops of oils really help people! They've helped myself and my family not just physically but, emotionally too. My husband & kids love
 and use Young Living daily. We've been able to release anger, to calm our emotions when needed, and to balance our bodies naturally. I'm happy to say that after learning more about nutrition and how to support my body with Young Living as well as making some diet changes that my skin has been clear of eczema for the past 5 years. Today I am grateful to have been led down this path... I know it will help me on my new health journey fighting Lyme + Co-infection, parasites, viruses and other issues I've recently discovered in 2020. It's an added bonus that I get to smell beautiful without headaches too💕

Since becoming a Young Living member I have never looked back! I've been privileged to be able to visit the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah 3 times now which is an AMAZING experience! Everyday I learn something new about this life changing company that reaffirms my choice. I NEVER thought I would be part of a Network Marketing company either (I actually detested them) but, Young Living is so different + unique. They strive for purity without compromise. Not only do I get to help my family + my community but, I even get the opportunity to help communities across the globe through The Young Living Foundation and its many ministries + humanitarian efforts

Fast forward 5 years later and I would have never guessed that I would be leading a team of Oilers. I have been blessed to build relationships with so many wonderful like minded people. I get to help enrich their lives emotionally, spiritually, and physically just by sharing what I love. 

Health and wellness is my passion with a purpose; to empower others to live a healthy vibrant life!
Since we started living the Young Living lifestyle I've truly been blessed by ALL the benefits it offers.
I absolutely love my oily life + I know that you will too! These products are TRANSFORMATIVE! Are YOU ready to be BLESSED + write your Young Living story + Live Life Free!

Be Oily, Be Well, Be Blessed

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Carrie Lobenhofer 
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