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The Oil Infused Opportunity 
When you become a <<Wholesale Member>> with Young Living you also have the opportunity to change your life financially. How? By becoming a Brand Partner + sharing Young Living with others. When someone you share Young Living with, signs-up with a Premium Starter Bundle (Oils, CBD, Thieves, NingXia Red, Welcome Home, Little Oilers) using your member number as their referral you get compensated! You can get your Starter Bundle and even your Monthly Orders paid for! Help 3 people grab a Starter Bundle and earn at least $150. Share with just 2 people each month to get your monthly orders paid for. Then, continue to help your new sign ups share Young Living with their friends and family and you'll be on your way to financial freedom while helping others achieve wellness.

How do you start? Just sign up your peeps by sharing your love of Young Living with them. You can meet with friends & family 1-on-1, hold weekly/monthly classes (many of us host classes in our own homes or our friends homes) big or small - in person or online - and you could earn a full time income working part-time hours. Imagine a career that becomes a community, where wellness is a way of life and doing what you love leads naturally to success. For Young Living members, a dream job offering security and independence can become a reality and has for many of our <<Oily Community>> friends!

With dedicated support from Young Living and our Oily Community team, and an industry-leading compensation plan, you can take control of your future by building a thriving business that you control. You’ll have the entire Young Living family by your side to encourage you, every step of the way. We have an awesome community to help you grow & learn! Many of us had no intentions of starting a business initially. We just naturally found ourselves sharing our amazing experiences, love of the products and the things we were learning with our family and friends AND they wanted in on it too!
If you could you use some extra cash, have debt to pay off, or if you or your spouse want to quit your 9-5 job; it's' so possible with Young Living's opportunity. You can work as much or as little as you want, It’s all up to you and it’s very achievable!

Richard Bliss Brooke, one of the world's most respected speakers, coaches and trainers in the Network Marketing profession literally wrote the book on on why this model works and how to choose a network marketing company. Check out his book, <<The 4 Year Career>>! Richard saw the amazing business model in Young Living and it's massive potential for growth so, he recently sold his own successful company to join Young Living because he saw the amazing retention rate (40% which is unheard of) that Young Living has!!! That speaks volumes! Learn why Richard chose to sell his own multi-million dollar company & join Young Living <<HERE>>

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Click HERE for a printable PDF Version of Young Living's Income Disclosure. 

If you’re interested in sharing your essential oils with others it’s super easy.

Young Living uses an amazing referral based business model. We share products we love with our family and friends all the time, we just don’t get compensated for it. We're constantly recommending restaurants we like, brands of food we buy, and products we love. With Young Living you share your oily love and you get compensated for it. It's such a blessing too! You get to help people you know and love live a healthier lifestyle without harmful chemicals. Whose life could you change? Whose health and wellness could you impact?

Young living has a generous Compensation Plan.

For every person you share Young Living with, that purchases one of the Premium Starter Bundles (PSK) using your link (or member number), you can get a referral check for $50+! All you're required to do to qualify is place a 50PV-100PV in the same month you sign someone up (The month you purchase your PSK, you already qualify - a PSK has 100PV - so it's a no brainer to start sharing with others right away! The following months after you purchase your PSK you need a 50PV purchase to qualify for the bonuses and 100PV to qualify for bonuses & commissions). When you help your team enroll in Essential Rewards you have the potential to earn a residual income too that you can WILL to your family if something should happen to you. 

But, I’m not an essential oil expert you say?!
Don’t worry about knowing everything, you don’t need to or want to be an expert, that’s what reference guides and resource books are for. Using your <<Product Guide>>, anyone can begin to share easily. First, go through the beginning pages of the Product Guide with family/friends and read it together. Next, go over the <<Seed to Seal Process>> and look at the pictures of the <<YL Farms>> -anyone can go to any YL farm around the world and participate in the harvest and distillation! Then, go over how to use the oils. Lastly, use your Premium Starter Kit to show them all about what they will actually get and let them smell the oils. Make sure to set up your diffuser with some oils in it too so they can get the full experience. Our team also has many resources available including printable scripts so it's very duplicatable. It's easy to make a plan and get started!

Set some goals for yourself. 

1. Share initially with at least 3 friends to get your kit paid for. 

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2. Get on Essential Rewards (ER). If you’re not already on ER, get on it! You will automatically qualify to receive Bonuses as an ER member if you should share with friends & family. To be able to recommend products to others you need to use them. Try new products each month and find which ones you love, be a product of the product. You can’t share about products you’ve never used and people are going to ask you what you use, they want you to share your experiences with them. When you join ER you earn 10-25% back of your purchases in points to buy more products for FREE! Learn more HERE.  

3. Continue to share with at least 1 friend per month. Don’t have a ton of friends? That’s okay! Help the 3 people you enrolled sign 3 of their friends up (you can earn 10% of the PV on those orders) and just keep repeating. Once you get started it snowballs! 

To refer someone to Young Living all you need to do is give them your member number and send them to the YL website or you can shorten the URL with a site like or to send them your very own custom sign up link. The people you enroll will be placed under you with their very own account, you become their Enroller/Sponsor. You don’t keep any inventory and their products will be shipped right to their door! You don’t sell, you share. You are helping to hook them up, you guide & support them, and then you get compensated for it! 

If you want to dive deeper into more resources and tools to start earning an income with Young Living get in touch with your Enroller/Sponsor (the person who signed you up), your Young Living Leader, or if you're on my team contact me and I  will be more than happy to help you learn more about how this all works. I will add you to our private members only Oily Community Biz Group's FB page Led by our Diamond Leader Crystal Hoskins. 

Understanding the Young Living Income Opportunity

Watch these slideshow presentations to help you get a better understanding of how you can start
earning an income and get your orders paid for each month or build a Young Living business. 

Young Living income opportunity part 1


Young Living income opportunity part 2
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