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Get started by investing in YOU! 

Young Living has an incredibly generous compensation plan that allows you to earn a little extra (or a lot of extra) cash in multiple ways!

Want to share casually? You can! Everyone has their own Share YL link. This is like an affiliate link! You send it to a friend, they shop with you, and you can earn 50% of the PV on their order, MINIMUM. Want to build a business? You can do that too! Earn bonuses & commissions as you help others learn about Young Living while creating a community.


How Does This Opportunity Work?


Follow the three easy steps below...


Every single Young Living customer has the option to share, via a referral link. When you share your link, you can get paid! Just Brand Partner (FOR FREE!) You'll receive an email with a digital Business Essential Kit, designed to help walk you through the basics of this business as a Brand Partner! If you're a current customer - you can log into your account and upgrade by your account by clicking on "MY ACCOUNT" then click "BECOME A BRAND PARTNER" and you’re good to go! If you're brand new (YAY!), grab your friend’s referral link first and set up your free account. Then get connected to all The Oily Community's resources.


What comes in the digital Business Essentials Kit?

Your kit includes:

  • RISE booklet: a step-by-step guide with tips, training videos, and worksheets

  • RISE 90-day planner: a planning calendar for setting and tracking your business goals

  • RISE to Royal brochure: a guide through the perks that await you at every rank within YL

  • YL Insights card: a snapshot of how YL Insights can help you manage your business

  • Silver Bound flyer: a road map for structuring your team for success

  • 90-day trial to a great tool for building your biz website + sharing YL ($30 value)




Now, grab your personal referral link! Log into your account at Young Living, and click Share YL. Copy it and keep it safe in your phone for easy access. As people order through your referral link, you'll get paid! The best way to help people get started is with one of our Starter Bundles. You'll earn $75 commission on each one! The Starter Bundles (SB) are the most bang for anyone's buck too! SB's are highly discounted so customers can try lots of products at a great value.


Hot Tip: Set up Direct Deposit so what you earn goes right into your bank on payday! 
(Go to: Virtual Office / My Account / My Profile)



Every time you help a friend grab a Premium Starter Bundle of their choosing you'll earn $75 (50% of the 100 PV + a $25 Bonus)!

Yup, it’s that simple. Share your link, get paid. If your customer wants just 1 product or to create a custom bundle. That's cool too, you’ll earn 50% commission on the PV as well!

How do you share Young Living with others?

We share products we love with our family and friends all the time, we just don’t get compensated for it. We're constantly recommending restaurants we like, brands of food we buy, and products we love. With Young Living you share your love of the products and you get compensated for it. It's such a blessing too! You get to help people you know and love live a healthier lifestyle without harmful chemicals. You get to help empower them to do better and take control of the products they bring into their homes. Whose life could you change? Whose health and wellness could you impact?

Premium Stater Bundles are the best ways to help others get started with Young Living, everything comes in a perfectly bundled package! These will earn you $75 (50% of the 100 PV + a $25 Bonus)! You can create a link directly to one of these bundles, or add additional products with a Wishlist Link. There are so many ways to get started, something for everyone!

But, I’m not an essential oil expert you say?!
Don’t worry about knowing everything, you will learn in time and we will help you! 
Our team has many resources available to help you too including printable scripts —very duplicatable. It's easy to make a plan and get started!



1. Share initially with at least 3 friends. 

2. Get on monthly Loyalty Rewards (LR). If you’re not already on LR, get on it! You will automatically qualify to receive Bonuses as an member if you should share with friends & family. To be able to recommend products to others you need to use them. Try new products each month and find which ones you love, be a product of the product. You can’t share about products you’ve never used and people are going to ask you what you use, they want you to share your experiences with them. When you join LR you earn 10-25% back of your purchases in points to buy more products for FREE! Learn more HERE.  

3. Continue to share with at least 1 friend per month. Don’t have a ton of friends? That’s okay! Help the 3 people you enrolled sign 3 of their friends up (you can earn 10% of the PV on those orders) and just keep repeating. Once you get started it snowballs! 

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M+Co 2.png
M+Co 3.png
M+Co 4.png


If you want to dive deeper into more resources and tools to start earning an income with Young Living get in touch with your Enroller/Sponsor (the person who signed you up), your Young Living Leader, or if you're on my team contact me and I will be more than happy to help you learn more about how this all works.

Make sure to get added to our business group on FB and the exclusive member's only area on our exclusive team website! We have lots of resources for our Oily Community and we can't wait to mentor you so you can grow your own community of wellness!

Because we mentioned money, you can find the Young Living income discloser ⮕HERE along with more info on the generous compensation plan!

 Be Oily, Be Blessed, Be Well

Carried Away Naturally
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