Whichever way you choose to get started with (ONE-TIME PURCHASE or LOYALTY REWARDS), below is a step by step guide on how to order and set up your Young Living Account:


  1. Search for the products you want on the website at
    Make sure you have the person's referral number or link so they get credit for helping you and you will be added to all their team resources. My referral number is 2166582 if you need one.


  2. Click either the ADD TO CART button for a ONE-TIME PURCHASE or the CREATE A LOYALTY ORDER if it's your first time ordering on Loyalty Rewards otherwise click ADD TO LOYALTY ORDER button for a re-occurring order (every month) for each item you want to order. Make sure you have read the descriptions above on how this all works. If you have questions please contact us using the contact button.

  3. When you are ready to checkout click, CHECKOUT.

  4. Create your Young Living Account to manage your order details

    Setting up your account: (Name, Address, Email, Phone#, etc.)

    STEP 1. Enter the "Email Address", where you'd like to receive Email Communication from me + or Young Living. (We have specials quite often that Retail Accounts can take advantage of) into the field.

    STEP 2. Enter your First + Last Name into the fields.

    STEP 3. Enter the phone number where you can be reached into the field.

    STEP 4. Make sure the REFERRAL ID of the person who referred you is entered into both fields. If you want to use mine it's 2166582

    STEP 5. Make sure to check the boxes for ✓ Terms of Service + ✓ Privacy Policy

    STEP 6. Click CREATE ACCOUNT. You may need to check your email to finish setting up your account.

    STEP 7. Follow the prompts to enter your payment info... Shipping address, shipping method, and payment info. 



You should be all set and on your way to making healthy changes in your home with Young Living! All members that enroll with Carried Away Naturally get access to our private Oily Community on Facebook with tons of resources for learning about oils and wellness, may participate in our community giveaways, incentives and or private classes!

Once you've placed an order using my link or someone else's that is part of THE OILY COMMUNITY or CARRIED AWAY NATURALLY you can click the button below to join our exclusive Facebook community group! Answer all questions or your access may be denied.

Be Oily, Be Blessed, Be Well💗