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Trying to keep emotions in check given the current state of events in the world has become increasingly challenging. Our entire household has been on edge. The thought of being quarantined for weeks, maybe even months from COVID-19 has really putting a damper on our spirits. I've been trying to keep it together but it's getting increasingly difficult which has allowed fear to creep in at times. I know I'm not alone in feeling like this either. I've been chatting with an awesome group of ladies and many of them are feeling the same way. They also reminded me recently that we all need to stop, breathe, and banish any fears or negative feelings. When our emotions aren’t in check it allows fear, worry and anxiousness to take over. Fear is the enemy. It can lower the body's frequency fast allowing you to spin out of control. The body's frequency needs to stay up to remain in a healthy state. When our frequency is we are able experience clarity, peace, love, and joy even when there is so much unknown and uncertainty going on around us. And before you stop reading this I want you to know that frequency is nothing hokey. It's basic science. We are all electrical beings made up of energy. All things give off a frequency (or a vibration - the oscillating and vibrating movement of atoms and particles) ...even our bodies. This is why your Fitbit and other devices [including medical ones] can monitor your body to give you info on what’s going on within it. A low frequency is no bueno 👎🏻… it compromises the immune system and can affect overall health. Higher frequency in the body = Better health. To keep our bodies functioning in tip top shape and to help keep emotions in check ✔️ for the highest frequency possible here in my home I have been...

1️⃣ diffusing all the CALMING oils

2️⃣ praying [lots more] 3️⃣ listening to uplifting music [mostly Christian - I love Lauren Daigle and Audrey Assad]

These are just some activities that can help raise the body’s frequency. There are actually many many more. In case you’re struggling with emotions like I’ve been I decided to put together a list of some activities to share with you so you can help keep your body's frequency as high as possible. Get out your note book and write these down! When you're feeling, anxious, have worries or feel like you're not in a good place... try to do some of these activities. I've also included a few things you should AVOID too that can lower the body's frequency further down below. Here's to keeping spirits up and emotions in check [balanced]...

Ways to Raise Your Frequency: Pray

Read and meditate on scripture

Go to Adoration if possible

Listen to uplifting music

( I have a great Playlist on Spotify I can send you!)

Sing songs (Put on some good music and belt it out. Sing Karaoke. Have fun!) Visit with family or friends if possible If the latter is not possible try to Call.. Text... or Video Chat... with a family or a friend

Read a good book... classics or spiritual books would be an excellent choice

Spend time in nature if possible Get plenty of sunshine (The sun is our best source of Vitamin D that's why it's known as the “sunshine vitamin”. When we're exposed to sunshine the body is able to convert cholesterol into Vitamin D [google that cause it's above my brain]. Vitamin D is essential for our health and is needed to help build up our immune system, maintain overall mental well-being, and many other things.)

Eat healthy whole fresh foods (Healthy whole fresh fruits and veggies have a much higher frequency than canned and processed foods which actually have a very low or zero frequency.)

Drink water

(Purified, mineral or alkaline is best)

Speak positive affirmations daily (I am fearless and brave. I am a child of God. I am loved. I have faith in God that He will provide.) Practice GRATITUDE

Practice acts of kindness

Practice deep breathing

Choose your words. (Your thoughts and words have power. They directly influence your actions and those around you. Speak words that are positive, loving, healing, inspiring, and uplifting. Positive words will transform your life and the lives of those around you. Speak life, NOT death over yourself and others. This is where positive affirmations come in again.)

Practice "Grounding" (Also known as earthing. There has been studies showing the benefits. Our ancestors did it for a reason and so should we! How? Go walk outside barefoot... sit on the ground... touch the earth. It's so good for you!) Write (Write letters to those in Nursing homes who cannot leave. Start a blog.) Keep a gratitude Journal (Start a gratitude journal of things you are grateful for.)

Take an Epsom salt bath (BONUS - Add relaxing & calming oils)

Get creative (Use your right brain... get crafty, draw, create something!)

Get your blood pumping (Exercise, go for a walk, a hike or a bike ride, dance) Live, Laugh, Love (Sound a bit cliche but it really does help. Live each moment. Be present. Laugh your lungs out and enjoy every bit of life... even the hard times. Love everyone and everything.)

Hug someone (Most of us thrive on human interaction of some kind. Hugs which can be very healing and soothing, are a great way to raise your frequency especially if your love language is physical touch.)

Put some potted plants around your home (All living plants can help raise your frequency but some plants like Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Basil, English Ivy, Spider plants and snakes plants offer a higher frequency as well as other therapeutic benefits.)

Use high frequency therapeutic grade essential oils (Northern Lights Black Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce + Rose have some of the highest known frequencies of essential oils. I ONLY use and trust oils from HERE.) Sex (Yes... I said sex! Sex can raise vibrational frequency when two consenting adults, who are in a sacred bond together, have mutual love and respect for each other and they freely give themselves to one another. There’s no shame in love; “perfect love casts out fear” (1 Jn 4:18). Theology of The Body.


THINGS TO AVOID THAT WILL LOWER YOUR FREQUENCY... DRAMA Gossiping Negative self talk Being the victim Being greedy Junk food Toxins (heavy metals, fluoride, mercury, etc.) Toxic products Negativity Toxic people

Stress and anxiety Holding onto anger & resentment Doing things out of fear Criticizing others

Avoid or limit alcohol Limit exposure to electronics

I hope I've given you some good ideas for activities that you can implement in your life to help increase your body's frequency and keep you balanced and well! If you think of something else I've forgotten please feel free to comment below or let me know via email. I would love to hear from you! Be oily, Be blessed, Be well ღ

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