What's the difference between the 2 labels?

Q. What is the difference between Young Living Essential Oils and Young Living Vitality Oils?

A. Absolutely nothing!  

The FDA told Young Living that they had to choose only one usage - either Aromatic/Topical or Dietary Supplement - to go on the labels. Why? 

Because the FDA has separate categories for topical and internal usage, they must be labeled separately. Therefore, Young Living had to provide a different “sku” number and different label in order to provide a way to promote both internal and topical use. The Vitality Oils allow Young Living to stay within the compliant FDA guidelines since the FDA does not allow more than one use per “sku” number.

In the world and mind of FDA, it is not possible for something to go on the body AND in the body....think of most products they reckon with. Would you put Deet on and in? No....so if a label says topical, then that's ON....if it says dietary Supplement, that means IN. So, in our 'oily world', we know that what we put on goes in anyway and it better be good. 

Young Living decided to make two distinctly different labels to appease the FDA -
Vitality is labeled for internal usage and the regular oils for topical and aromatic usage. The oils are equal in every way–they come from the same farms, from the same plants, are bottled the same way, and so on. The only difference is the label. What’s setting them apart is that the Vitality oils are labeled for internal usage whereas the regular essential oils are labeled for aromatic and topical usage. This allows Young Living and anyone else using social media graphics or public discourse to be able to share the many benefits of internal use.  Without the Vitality oils available, we would not be able to compliantly share with anyone that the oils are able to be taken internally and we all know how important internal use is to our wellness! For example, Lemon Vitality essential oil is exactly the same as regular Lemon essential oil. But, because of FDA’s regulations on essential oils, they must be marked separately. 

So when you are talking to someone or posting about the oils you have to say the Young Living regular labels are for Aromatic/Topical use and the oils with the Vitality  labels are for ingestion. 

​Young Living has found a way to be compliant and still meet FDA standards 'just by changing the labels! Young Living has simply created a label - Vitality - which means IN.
Same oil, compliant labels, discuss them compliantly, according to label. What YOU personally choose to do with them in privacy of your own home is your business.​ 
So, as members we have an option to get the 15 ml bottle or the 5 ml bottle and do what we want with them yes, they are the exact same oils.  

The regular labeled oils since they are considered by the FDA a cosmetic for aromatic/topical use we cannot say that they can support a system of the body. Even though we know they can. 

We CAN say that any of the Vitality oils CAN support a particular body system because they are recognized as a dietary supplement. Make sure you have a reference guide specific to Young Living so that you can check and know for sure whether or not an oil is safe for ingestion. 

The Vitality line now makes it easier to share & use oils compliantly.
New Vitality oils are being added to the line so hopefully every oil that is ingestible will soon be available!!

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