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A Truly AMAZING Testimony!

WOW! Just wow you guys I received this lengthy special holiday message yesterday from Young Living written by our founder, D. Gary Young. It's is so worth the read! ​ It made me truly realize (I already knew YL was something special) just how lucky we are to have Young Living & Gary in our lives! I know I am with the right company that is truly committed to making this world a better place for future generations! His testimony & Integrity should make everyone an essential oil believer😮

A Christmas message to all our members and employees:

I’m sitting on British Airways Flight 194, en route from Houston to London after completing the final scans to determine the surgery procedure to repair my heart. This has been an ongoing saga since June 21, 2016, that resulted from a badly placed picc line following the reconstructive surgery of my right hand that was injured while jousting the day before convention.

Many of you have read Mary’s periodic reports that have kept you aware of my situation. However, I would like to tell you a few more details and why I am so excited about what I have experienced.

After the surgery, I had a picc line placed for some vitamin and mineral therapy. The picc line was misplaced and hit the heart, causing irregularity in the beat and pulmonary embolisms in both lungs and the heart, which were discovered after I was admitted to the hospital on July 1. The day after the surgery, I started to have a slight back pain, which gradually became worse. A day later, Mary took me to the hospital at 2 a.m. because the pain became excruciating, and I was having trouble breathing. My oxygen saturation was down to 72 percent, and I was losing consciousness.

That was the beginning of what has followed the last seven months. Besides that, August 4 revealed another issue discovered by the infectious disease department that suggested from several tests that I had markers of a parasitic virus that seemed congruent with Chagas, infection from a bite that I received in the jungle in western Peru while looking for aromatic plants six years ago, which is considered fatal and claims over 10,000 lives in the jungle annually.

Thanks to my friend Dr. Oli Wenker, who has helped me immensely, I flew to Houston for further diagnosis. I was four times at the MD Anderson Hospital, where in-depth tests and more diagnoses were made, and two times at the Methodist Hospital (renowned for its cardiology and pulmonary centers) and stayed 7-10 days each visit. I have been to the University of Utah Hospital two times and was once life-flighted from the ranch, ending in a 3- to 5-day stay.

I was misdiagnosed in January 2011 with malaria, tuberculosis, dengue, Lyme disease, Addison’s, and after four months, was finally diagnosed with an “unknown virus” and released from the University of Utah Infectious Disease ward.

However, I continued to have problems and never felt like I was totally on top of things. I developed a chronic cough and have had shortness of breath since that time. The doctors have been amazed and have asked how it is that I did not manage to die? I simply said, “It’s the oils that I distill from the plants that I grow.”

“The pulmonary embolisms should have killed you, the pulmonary hypertension with pleural effusion should have killed you, the blood clots in your heart should have killed you, and the mini stroke could have killed you.”

As the pulmonary specialist at Methodist Hospital looked at my scans, she kept saying, “This is a miracle. It just isn’t possible. I’ve never seen this before.”

Today, there are no blood clots in my lungs, no pleural effusion, no hypertension, and the lungs have completely regenerated. This is not possible in Western medicine, but it has been documented in two major hospitals. “No blood clots in the heart, no hemochromatosis, regenerated lungs—this is a medical miracle. Mr. Young we would like to write a research paper with you. Western medicine needs to know about this. Again, how did you do this because with Western medicine it is impossible?”

I simply say with humility and thanksgiving, “It is God’s miracle when, 31 years ago, He gave me essential oils that now come from the plants that I grow and distill on my farms around the world.” I was released to fly today, and you can only imagine my excitement and the tears shed as I thank everyone for the countless prayers and for God’s gifts, as He has opened doors for me to explore, study, investigate, learn, and experience the life-giving essences from the plants He has given us for the benefit of mankind, regardless of the problems—emotional, spiritual, or physical.

I am deeply saddened by those who market and adulterate His pure essences for money, which makes me more proud of all of you who embrace the truth and have fought in my defense and for Young Living. Please take time to give thanks to God for all we have. Don’t worry about those who have to dangle false carrots to capture blind rabbits. Let them go with thanksgiving, not anger and animosity. These people are following the promise of money. Let them walk their path for the lessons they need in life.

I met a nurse in the cardiology lab on one of my many visits who told me her biggest challenge was finding pure oils. She had bought some from a company claiming them to be pure, and they gave her daughter a horrible rash, resulting in hospitalization. Later after sending them off to a lab, she found out they were cut with synthetics. She kept looking and found Young Living but felt reluctant to try our oils after her first experience. She told me she prayed for clarity, and a few days later I walked into the hospital for a cardiology scan. It was a day she was supposed to be off but had to come in because another nurse was sick. Give thanks for your introduction to Young Living and your sponsor, your organization above, below, and to the side of you. We all play a part in each other’s lives, and for that we should be grateful.

Because the demand for oils is already more than what is produced in the world, many suppliers cut the oils and sell to anyone who will buy. I don’t want to be fooled, and I won’t be fooled, which is why I built a multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art laboratory and why we go the extra mile in our testing. In the early days, I could smell an oil and know, but we are too big now, and I am not always available. Our Quality Control department is very stringent and makes sure that you receive nothing but the best.

Yes, we have perhaps the most sophisticated lab in the world for the analytical analysis of essential oils and a library to support it. This is not something you can buy. It takes years and years to build the right laboratory and the right library with literally millions of molecules for reference for the staff and for training.

We don’t invest our money in fancy cars, boats, vacation homes, or lavish travel. We invest in land, farm equipment, distilleries, laboratories, inventory, infrastructure, and the like. We are the only company in the world with farms and partner farms and a complete Seed to Seal process by which every distillery has to abide. Every partner farmer has to abide by and sign a contract to follow Young Living’s standard that I created years ago as I built our distilleries and farms. Young Living continues to invest in your future for your up-and-coming new generation of leaders. We have a right to claim our position as the world leader in essential oils because I started building that foundation 28 years ago.

We are the first to start a nonexistent market trend by bringing essential oils to the world market through the vehicle of network marketing, which had never been done before. We developed that market, conducted research, and published our findings. We are the only company with a Seed to Seal process that starts with developing the farms, building distilleries, processing, bottling, shipping, and educating.

We are the first to formulate blends and supplements with infused oils.We are the first to conduct university studies with ongoing clinical research and published findings.We are a stable and continually growing company with double digit growth each month.We have several patents and many trademarks, as we develop new and innovative products and recently won the Utah 2015 Genius Award for the third most trademarks filed in the state.

We have the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation to which members generously give to promote education and health for the poor in third-world countries such as Cambodia, saving children and young women from the slave trade, with over 1,000 having been recovered today; Uganda, fighting malaria, jiggers, building a medical clinic and school to teach better health practices; Croatia, supporting an orphanage; Ecuador, supporting schools and a health spa; Nepal, rebuilding homes and schools; and many other projects. With more than 30 years of experience farming aromatic plants and developing proprietary methods for distilling, we have 15 corporate and partner farms worldwide in more than 12 countries, where we provide hundreds of jobs and improve the economy of the community.

Whether we are developing farms or opening countries for business, we follow legal direction and channels of operation and teach people to build the right way. We lead by example, not by talk. We don’t slander other companies or try to buy their distributors with false promises. We don’t copy; we invent and create. YES, we have earned the title of WORLD LEADER, and you can claim it without having to make excuses or argue. Let us be humble and show gratitude to God and our fellowmen. Respect the opinion of others and allow them to walk their path by encouraging and supporting them.

We have the greatest people in leadership in the corporate offices around the world, and at no time has it been stronger and more harmonious than it is now. We will always have growing pains—again the mark of a world leader—but that only promotes progress and innovative leadership. As Mary and I look back and see what we have overcome and accomplished, we are filled with tremendous emotion of amazement and gratitude. It is without question a great compliment to all of you for your trust and dedication as we continue to grow, and with God at the helm protecting and guiding us, we cannot fail. Our future has never looked so beautiful as it does now going into 2017.

Thank you again for your continued prayers as I recover. You have contributed greatly in saving my life as well as have the oils. In my opinion, the most powerful forces on earth are the power of prayer, love, and God’s oils. Mary, Jacob, Josef, and I send our prayers and thanksgiving to you this Christmas season and for the coming new year, with continued love and appreciation for all you do to spread the message of Young Living. Essentially yours, D. Gary Young Founder and Chairman of the Board P. S. Here are some of the oils and supplements that I use daily: Frankincense, Helichrysum, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Idaho Balsam Fir, Thieves®, DiGize™, Lavender, Cypress, Cistus, Ledum, R.C.™, Eucalyptus Blue, Dorado Azul, Tsuga, Cool Azul®, PanAway®, Stress Away™, Highest Potential™, Shutran™, Dream Catcher™, Forgiveness, Acceptance™, Joy™, Aroma Life™, Aroma Siez™, Essentialzyme™, Essentialzymes-4™, Detoxzyme®, JuvaTone®, JuvaPower®, MultiGreens™, AlkaLime®, MegaCal™, MindWise™, SleepEssence™, Cool Azul® Pain Relief Cream, NingXia Red®, NingXia Nitro®, Prostate Health™, ComforTone®, Pure Protein Complete™, Slique® Shake, Life 9, Inner Defense®, Digest and Cleanse™

Not a Young Living Member? Start your wellness journey with team Carried Away Naturally! Go HERE to start or Contact ME.

Be Oily, Be Blessed, Be Well💗

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