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Things to Consider When Redeeming Points!

It can be quite confusing and overwhelming when learning all the GREAT things Young Living has to offer when you first start oiling. Our community gets lots of questions about how to redeem Loyalty Rewards. What IS or ISN'T eligible on a point redemption order? Here are some important things to consider when redeeming your Loyalty Rewards Points:

✔ Points may be redeemed any time after you have participated in the program for two full months.

✔ All Point Redemption Orders must be placed via a One-Time "SHOP" Order or by contacting Member Services at 1.800.371.3515. Have your Member # & 4 digit pin ready.

✔ Items that ARE eligible for point redemption will have a little blue flag next to the listed PV.

Look for products with this blue flag to identify which products can be purchased with your loyalty points! (See graphic below)

✔ Redeem your rewards points online at checkout by selecting “Apply Points” when you get to the payment screen. See "How do you use your points?" further down below. More information on point redemption can be found HERE.

✔ When redeeming your points, please be aware that they do not cover tax or shipping. You will be responsible for the taxes and any other fees that apply. You can however use any account credits you have towards shipping on your point redemption order. ✔ The Product Value or “PV” of the product must must equal the dollar amount of the product. Pay careful attention to each item’s PV, NOT it’s price. Most oils have a matching dollar-for-PV amount, but not all. For example: Rose oil, Melissa oil, the Savvy Brush set and all Diffusers are NOT eligible for point redemption because the PV and dollar amount do not match. Literature, labels, roller fitments, vegetable capsule or any items with 0 PV are also NOT eligible for point redemption.

✔ Some products are also restricted for a time after they are released, such as products launched during our annual International Grand Convention or new releases throughout the year. ✔ You can redeem points for any product(s) with a PV value up to the amount of points you have but NOT over. ✔ Points expire 12 months after they are earned. They must be used within that 1 year from the time they’re earned. ✔ Up to 350 points at a time can be redeemed. ✔ Point Redemption orders DO NOT qualify for the Monthly FREE GIFTS With Purchase offers. You may see them added to your cart (the system thinks you are placing a One-Time Order) until you click on USE POINTS and redeem your points. Then, The FREE GIFTS will be removed. ✔ Points cannot be used on a Subscription/Loyalty Rewards order. ✔ Basic, Premium Starter Bundles or Essential Rewards Kits are NOT eligible for point redemption. ✔ Sale or promotional items are NOT eligible for point redemption orders.

How do you use your points?

Add the products you want to your cart for a One-Time order.

When you're ready, click "CHECKOUT". Under "Billing and Payment Method", it will show how many available points you have any to use.

Select the eligible items from the list you want to apply your points to by clicking the box and a check mark should appear ✔.

Make sure your payment info for tax + shipping is correct and select which card you want charged.

Then, review and submit order. See graphics below for help.

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