Tips for Surviving the Holiday Hangover!

Feeling like you got run over by a truck after celebrating Christmas?
It's called the Holiday Hangover and it really is a thing😮


We spend so much time preparing and getting ready for the holidays that often we forget to take care of ourselves which can lead to burnout and then we run the risk of getting sick because our immune systems can't handle the stress. With the hustle & bustle of Christmas over and the kids being out of school for Christmas break and getting stir crazy, you may be needing a little R&R like me!


Here are some tips to help you get back on track so you can enjoy the rest of the year and go into the New Year feeling refreshed and healthy:

1.) Take care of your emotions.

Essential oils have the power to change our moods.
Traveling, spending time with family members who we maybe don't always get along with, or just dealing with the aftermath of the holidays can leave us feeling emotionally funky and worn out. If you're feeling funky try putting some essential oils in the diffuser, apply them topically or just sniff them straight from the bottle to help balance your emotions. Choose oils that are uplifting and comforting to create an atmosphere where you can feel relaxed at at peace. Load up the diffuser, then after taking some deep breaths in spend a few quiet moments meditating/praying and then reflect on all the positives in your life. Below are some of my top picks for emotional balancing essential oils. 

  • Diffuse: Joy & Lemon or (Jade Lemon), Christmas Spirit, Frankincense & Lemon, or Release.
    Peace & Calming is great option for keeping the Kiddos chill too!


  • Apply topically or inhale deeply: Stress Away, Frankincense, Peace & Calming, or whatever makes you feel calm and peaceful. 

2.) Support your body.

Taking care of yourself from the inside out is just as important as taking care of yourself emotionally. After eating lots of foods you maybe don't normally eat or you overindulged in, you need to make sure you are supporting your body and giving it the nutrients it needs to function properly. You need to make sure you are also getting enough sleep because that's when your body recharges itself and if you're not allowing it to do that you will surely be causing yourself even more issues down the road. 


3.) Rest, Relax, & Recharge. Take some time for self-care to rest, relax and recharge because you can't pour from an empty cup. Find a quiet place to snuggle up with a favorite book or watch the Hallmark channel after trying some of these self pampering recipes.  

  • Take a nice relaxing soak in a hot bath. Try adding some calming soothing essential oils to some Epsom salt to help you feel like you went to the spa. Use the recipe below and check out more DIY Bath Salt recipes on our BLOG.

  • Have your significant other give you a relaxing massage. Young Living has 6 different oil infused massage oils available for you to choose from or you can use V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex to create a custom massage oils with your favorite Young Living essential oil. 

  • Make a lovely facial scrub of equal parts plain yogurt and cornmeal and 2-3 drops of Lavender or Frankincense essential oils. 

  •  Check out Young Living's Blog POST for 5 DIY Skin saving masks after you try the scrub recipe above.


I hope you take some of these tips and utilize them so you can recharge your mind, body and soul to enjoy the New Year! 


We ONLY use and recommend using the purest essential oils! THE OLFACTORY SYSTEM is the most important system of our bodies! It is the control center of our brains and allows us to feel, think, act, live, love etc. It's where we store our emotions both good and bad. Essential oils are so powerful that they can reach this area of the brain to help balance and even release our emotions. That's why it is so its critical to understand that the quality of the essential oils you choose when diffusing, ingesting or applying to the skin is extremely important. Go HERE to grab your oils with the most affordable way to get started and begin pampering yourself with self care tools to help your mind, body and spirit!



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