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Young Living Brand Partners get asked this question a lot, “Young Living diffusers seem so expensive! Are they really worth the price?”.

So here’s the thing, some Young Living diffusers do cost a bit more than most (BUT NOT ALWAYS the Dewdrop and Desert Mist are amazing powerful diffusers) however, we need to think of them as a HIGH QUALITY investment that helps you to get the most out of your Young Living essential oils, NOT as expensive.

Here are some important key points to remember about Young Living diffusers: • All Young Living diffusers functions as ultrasonic humidifiers, atomizers, and aroma diffusers in one. • Young Living diffusers generate at least 1.7 million waves per second to break down the essential oils and water into millions of micro-particles, dispersing them into the air, and releasing the oils’ unique constituents. A high frequency is needed to make sure that your precious oils are properly disbursed into the air. You don’t want to be wasting them! The micro-fine mist stays suspended in the air for extended periods of time (several hours) and ultimately evaporates completely, rather than settling onto surfaces. Cheap diffusers usually do not have the output to get the oils up and into the air without damaging the beneficial constituents. • Young Living’s ultrasonic diffusers use cool mist diffusion, NOT heat. If you are using high quality, essential oils like Young Living's that provide therapeutic benefits you DO NOT want to use an oil warmer or diffuser that uses heat because you’ll lose the beneficial properties within the oils. • All Young Living diffusers are made of a high quality plastic called PP (polypropylene) which is not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones. PP (polypropylene) does not contain any phthalates and is BPA FREE. Young Living has even conducted tests on the plastics used for their diffusers to ensure that the plastics are stable and do not breakdown when in contact with Young Living Essential Oils. This plastic can withstand the potency of Young Living’s essential oils including citrus oils unlike other diffusers. • Young Living’s diffusers have vibrating ultrasonic plates (technology used to disperse the oils up and into the air) made of ceramic discs with a high quality titanium alloy coating to allows for exceptional resistance to oils and corrosion. We don’t want our diffusers pooping out on us because of corrosion😳 • Young Living diffusers come with a 1 year warranty from the date purchased (with the exception of the USB Diffuser). During that year, should there be a manufacturer defect, Young Living would be able to provide a replacement diffuser at no cost to you provided you ONLY have used Young Living oils in them.

Remember too, Young Living recommends using only Young Living Essential Oils for your Young Living Diffuser. Other brands of essential oils more than likely have been adulterated meaning they have added harsh ingredients which are harmful to you and can damage your diffuser. Non-Young Living oils will void your warranty! • Many Young Living diffusers come with 2 bottles of oils except for the Dewdrop + Desert Mist which are currently reduced in price while supplies last. The diffusers that come with oils come with both a 5ml bottle of Peppermint ($13.49 retail value) and a 5ml bottle of Tangerine (retail value $10.20). That’s a combined retail value of $23.49 in just oils! It’s a no- brainer, to stick with Young Living Diffusers!

You can check out all of Young Living’s diffusers here: YOUNG LIVING DIFFUSERS

Here are some Diffuser tips from Young Living to help you extend the life of your diffuser : • Young Living does not recommend leaving standing water in diffusers for an extended period of time. • Distilled water is recommended for the Rose Home Diffuser (discontinued) to perform at it's highest. Purified or distilled water does not contain enough mineral molecules for the diffuser to function at it's best. Young Living offers other diffuser options that do not require the use of distilled water; such as the Dewdrop, Desert Mist or Bamboo Diffuser (discontinued). For those particular diffusers, it is recommended to use tap water that contains minerals. • It is important to maintain and clean diffusers often to prolong the lifespan of the unit and further reduce any possibility of leaching even though Young Living conducts tests to monitor this. Young Living recommends using rubbing alcohol to clean your diffuser. Please refer to your diffuser manual for further cleaning instructions. • Young Living has not tested using essential oils in candles. However, if the oils are exposed to heat from burning the beeswax, they are unable to guarantee that the therapeutic properties of the oils will remain intact. For this reason, they recommend cold diffusing of essential oils over burning of any kind. FAQ Question: Can I use Young Living oils on my ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser that is not a Young Living? Contact the manufacture of your diffuser as we do not have that information. However we can tell you that Young Living has conducted tests on the plastics used for our diffusers to ensure the plastics are stable and do not breakdown when in contact with essential oils. Young Living Oils are very potent and if the diffuser is NOT made of the right plastic you can cause damage to it or possibly be diffusing bad chemicals into the air.

Diffuser Replacement Parts & Accessories You can order some replacement parts from Young Living by calling Member Services or from Diffuser Doc if your diffuser is out of warranty.

I hope this helps you see the value in Young Living diffusers! The Desert Mist is my absolute favorite diffuser. I recommend it hands down! You can take a look at all of Young Living's Diffusers on the YL WEBSITE to help you decide which one is best for you. Ready to grab one? Log into your account and then add it your cart. Not a member yet? Go to the YL WEBSITE select which diffuser you want and then add it to your cart. To unlock the 24% off retail discount make sure to place at least 1 item on Subscribe to Save by clicking the "Add to Subscription" button on the or use the "Add to Cart" button and order at least 100PV worth of product. Hit the easy button and get started with the STARTER BUNDLE of your choice (just select which one one and "Add to Cart") and you'll unlock the 24% off discount for 12 months! We can't wait for you to join us and our community for support!


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