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Did you know you can create a completely FREE account with Young Living?

Yup! You can and there are no obligations, no commitments. You can order whenever you choose to and you'll have access to our community resources to start learning all the things as well as me to help guide you!

To create your own account just go to YOUNGLIVING.COM then, follow the steps below. STEPS TO CREATE YOUR YL ACCOUNT: 1. Towards the bottom of the screen click the CREATE ACCOUNT button 2. Choose your country + language 3. Create your Account (You will use your username + password to log in in the future so make sure to write it down somewhere safe.) 4. Make sure this number: 2166582 is in the referral ID box 5. Check both boxes to agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE + PRIVACY POLICY. Then, Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Congrats.... You're doneand ready to shop when you choose! Want to know how qualify for a 24% Discount on all your purchases? ClickSHOW ME THE DISCOUNT. You will receive a series of Welcome emails from Young Living to enhance your wellness journey. These emails will provide you with DIY's, powerful testimonies, and fascinating essential oil facts showing you the benefits of incorporating essential oils into your daily life. You will also receive at least 1 email per month from our Oily Community which will give you access to our resources, classes and Facebook groups.

Need help figuring our what to get or how to create your account? Use the Let's Chat feature or shoot me an emailCONTACT

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