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There are good days and bad days. That’s life right?

But… Living with Lyme and all the other junk I deal with (like CIRS + MCS to name only a few) which often leaves me feeling like a freak most days is like being on a roller rollercoaster. And a not so good one at that!

The ride starts out somewhat tolerable, it jerks you around a bit and then at a moments notice it throws you for a friggin' loop de loop making you feel like you just might die and then your whole day is ruined —or maybe even your week!

Sometimes the loops last for days before finally settling back down to a smooth ride to where you actually start to feel human again and you can possibly go back to enjoying your life.

Good day.

This was a pic of me yesterday. I had a pretty good day! I looked healthy + vibrant I thought for the most part.

I spent the evening with my youngest daughter shopping for back to school supplies as well as some things to help organize my bedroom. We even got to enjoy a somewhat healthy gluten free dinner (important to keep inflammation down). We really enjoyed our time together. I feel like my kids have missed out on so much because of my illness so when I can do things like this with them I am grateful.

I’ve learned to take advantage of the good days. Meaning I have to do what I can when I can and try to do as much as I can (without over doing it of course) cause I never know if the next day will be a good one or not. I shower (some days that‘s a huge feat!), put on a cute outfit + some accessories that make me feel good and I apply some clean makeup (super important to use products that won’t make it harder for the body to detox) then I head out!

Yesterday I felt pretty good except for some minor neck pain and a slight headache which I usually get when I’ve been exposed to mold, synthetic fragrances etc. not unusual but I had a feeling the next day would not be as good from experience.

VS me today….

My inflammation has ramped up 😞 so I’ve upped my regimen for that, my headache was worse when I woke up this morning too but it’s getting better thankfully with rest and all the things I’ve taken to help manage the inflammation as well as the the tension in my neck which is easing thanks to some C B D Muscle Rub but my eyelids are burning! they have some little eczema like patches in the creases that are pretty angry.

I just feel off and even though it’s not necessarily one of my “bad” days, it still makes me feel all the emotions that this illness can bring… grief, anger, frustration, sadness, somewhat powerless, guilt, loss of self, isolated… Ughhhhh! Getting ready to apply some emotional release oils and say some affirmations as soon As I finish writing this!

Some of my fave oils to help my emotions when dealing with all this are Frankincense, Release, Joy, Ylang Ylang + Valor 💗 You can grab those by going HERE

This Dis-Ease can suck the life out of you! It’s a daily fight to try to get back to being the person you once were. I don’t even know if that will truly ever happen but I have to have faith that it will at least come close! I am NOT this illness and I will OVERCOME it🙌🏻

I share this and all my feelings with you to bring awareness —not for pity, sympathy or attention. I want people to know that if someone they know or love is battling something —whether it’s Lyme Dis-Ease, another illness or autoimmune Dis-Ease— who may look healthy or seem to be “normal” (what ever the heck that looks like) to you… that doesn’t mean they aren’t really all that sick or they aren’t suffering in some way.

What can you do?

• Have compassion for others

—Listen to them when they need someone to talk to.

• Love them unconditionally

—Even if you don’t or can’t understand what someone’s going through.

• Be understanding when they have to cancel things.

—They were probably looking forward to the outing just as much as you were.

• Reach out to them

—Sometimes all we need to hear is that you care. Send a text + let them know you’re thinking about them.

• Pray for them🙏🏻

—Prayer is so powerful! Pray for their healing, for their suffering to be eased, for their families, for their providers to give them the best treatments. PRAY!

Do you or someone you love live with Lyme? Was this helpful? Would love to hear your thoughts. Wanna learn more about what I am doing to help support my body during this time? I would love to chat more with you... hit the LET'S CHAT button in the bottom right corner (3 dots on mobile) or shoot me an email!



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