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Can’t smell? Give Smell Training a try!

What is Smell Training?

Smell training or olfactory training is when you train your nose how to smell again.

How does Smell Training work?

Smell training uses specific essential oils from 4 primary scent categories: woodsy, spicy, citrus + floral to retrain your brain to recognize scents. You sniff the essential oils every day for about 20-30 seconds, 2 times a day for up to 12 weeks (3 months). Researchers suggest using for 6 months for best results.

Which Essential Oils are used in Smell Training?

Studies have used these 4 Essential Oils with success:

Learn more about Rose Essential Oil (you can sub another strong floral essential oil like Geranium, Palmarosa or Joy which is one of my all time faves.)

Learn more about Clove Essential Oil


1. Find a quiet place to sit down where you can concentrate.

2. Start with any one of the 4 essential oils and remove the cap.

a3. Sniff and inhale the essential oils straight from the bottle. Do this in each nostril for about 20-30 seconds. [You could also place a few drops (1-2) in the palm of your hand and rub your palms together. Then, up your hands over your nose creating a tent. This is what we call a scent tent.] While you are smelling each of the 4 essential oils, picture in your mind an image of what it is you are smelling. For example, if you are smelling the Lemon essential oil, picture lemons, a rose for the Rose essential oil (or which ever flower for the floral oil you chose), dried clove buds for Clove essential oil, and Eucalyptus sprigs for the Eucalyptus essential oil.

4. Relax in between each oil and take a deep breath. 5. Repeat the process with each of the 4 essential oils. Do this protocol 2 times a day for up to 12 weeks. Researchers suggest using for 6 months for best results. Make sure to be consistent. It’s key when using essential oils.

Some say this also works if you lost your sense of taste too!

DISCLAIMER: Smell training may not work for everyone. I am also NOT a Doctor, so please consult one if you need medical advice.

NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUALLY Since essential oils are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier and reach the limbic system of the brain, it is essential to use the purest essential oils with the highest quality. These oils will be the most potent and effective without causing your body harm. Many essential oils on the market have been adulterated or contain harmful chemicals. I've tried many brands over the years and have found Young Living's to be superior to all others. Young Living's essential oils are pure, safe, potent, effective, with the highest standards and the best quality. Read more to learn WHY YOUNG LIVING.


Go to the website YOUNGLIVING.COM here where I have added all the oils (Joy, Clove, E.G., + Lemon PLUS my fave diffuser so you can diffuse + enjoy the oils after your smell returns!) to a Wishlist. Simply add the oils you want to your cart. When you add any amount to a Loyalty Rewards order or place a 100PV [not dollar amount] order you'll score a 24% DISCOUNT!

If you decide to join my team, make sure to send me a message letting me know what you grabbed. I’lI make sure you get hooked up with all of our resources: I'll add you to our private FB Group where you can get support, ask questions and learn more, you'll also get our newsletter on the 1st of every month from the Oily Community. We have weekly educational ZOOM classes, texts alerts and more!

Be oily, Be blessed, Be well!

XOXO Carrie


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